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Cable Cleaning

Keeping your pipes clean means your plumbing runs smoothly and you help prevent future clogs. Drain cleaning is one of the most important maintenance steps to keeping your system running smoothly. With the professional plumbing team at Dynamic Drains, you can expect environmentally-friendly methods of drain cleaning, including cable cleaning. We serve various communities in Southeast Michigan including Howell, Dundee, Chelsea, Canton, and Ann Arbor.

How Dynamic Drains Cleans Your Sewer and Drain Pipes

Cable cleaning for Ann Arbor pipes means our highly-skilled technicians have the power to remove clogs in a number of ways. The tools used during the process can cut through a clog if necessary or retrieve it entirely from the pipe. Drain clogs are one of the most common plumbing problems, but by scheduling routine pipe cleaning services, you can avoid the call to an emergency plumber. The process of cleaning your Ann Arbor pipes with cable cleaning is a relatively simple one. Because our team relies on the most advanced plumbing equipment available, we can quickly clear your clog and restore your home or business back to full operation.

The Cable Cleaning Process

During the pipe cable cleaning process, a cable machine, or rooter machine, is used. These devices are commonly called on to clear clogged pipes because they offer an eco-friendly solution and don’t require excavating your lawn. A rotating cable with a cutting head on the end is carefully fed into your drain pipe and guided through the plumbing system until the clog or blockage is reached. The cable has a number of devices that allow it to cut or push through a clog or retrieve it from the drain. The process is continued until the clog in your pipe is clear.

The cable drain cleaning machine utilized by the Dynamic Drains technicians cleans the sewer or drain with a rotating flexible cable. The cable is made of piano wire that is inserted through the pipe. During the drain cleaning process, the pipe blockage is scraped, cut or retrieved with the tools at the end of the cable.

Why Cable Cleaning is a Reliable Method of Drain Cleaning

This eco-friendly way to remove blockages is idea for superficial or clogs that are further along in the system. It can also be used to retrieve jewelry or other valuables lost down the drain.To ensure the clog is completely removed and your drain system will now flow smoothly, the Dynamic Drains technicians will complete a second video camera inspection. A high-resolution camera is fed through the same pipe to give our technicians an inside look at your pipes. The camera will reveal the nearly cleared pipe and ensure that no other issues were missed due to the clog.

Let Us Restore Your Pipes Today

The Dynamic Drains team realizes that clogs can occur anywhere in your home. Our advanced equipment allows us to effectively handle any drain cleaning need. If you are located in Ann Arbor, Canton, Chelsea, Dundee, or Howell, contact our team. Our professional technicians are ready to handle any plumbing challenge or professional drain cleaning need you have.

Dynamic Drains is the team to call when you need Ann Arbor drain cleaning. You can rest assured that our team will be respectful of your time, transparent with our services, and leave your home in pristine condition. Schedule your cable cleaning Ann Arbor appointment with our team today.