Repair or Replace Your Sewer Line

Repair or Replace Your Sewer Line

Sewer line plays an important role in the plumbing system by safely directing wastewater away from your home. When something goes wrong with it, you might be wondering whether you should go for a sewer pipe line repair or replacement. At Dynamic Drains, we’re here to help. Let’s define what steps you need to take for your sewer line.

When Should You Consider Sewer Line Repairs?

Sewer repair in Milan, MI, works for minor and isolated problems in the line. It’s usually the most practical approach when:

  • The sewer line is clogged
  • There are small cracks and gaps
  • The sewer line is leaking
  • You notice foul odors coming from the drains
  • There are random soggy spots on your lawn

Our local plumber in Milan, MI, will assess the condition of your sewer lines via a high-definition camera. We’ll show you the footage of what’s inside the pipes as we go and explain every detail so you can make an informed decision. We usually clear out the sewer line first with hydro jetting then perform spot repairs to treat the affected area of the pipe.

When Should You Go for a Sewer Replacement?

In most cases, you need to replace sewer line when the pipes are severely damaged, or the system is old and outdated. Some signs that indicate it’s time for a replacement include:

  • The sewer line is over 50 years old
  • The pipes have bellied or collapsed
  • You keep facing the same recurring issue
  • Consistent clogging and blockages
  • The pipes are severely corroded

Depending on the extent of the damage, we may either opt for traditional excavation or trenchless methods. Nevertheless, we ensure a smooth-sailing sewer line replacement from start to finish.

Whether you need a sewer line repair or replacement, Dynamic Drains has got you covered. We ensure to address all underlying issues in the system and restore smooth water flow, so you can keep your home safe and clean. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.