Maintaining Your Water Heater’s Efficiency

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Being as efficient as possible is important to many homeowners as it allows you to save both money and resources. Your water heater is certainly no exception to that rule. If you need a plumber in Saline, MI to make an inspection or repairs, Dynamic Drains can do the work for you. There are steps you can take to maintain your water heater’s efficiency.

Test the Pressure Relief Valve

The pressure relief valve is a mechanism that prevents your water heater from bursting. It regulates the temperature of the water inside the unit. Turn off the electricity or gas before testing it and shut off the water supply to your heater. Put a bucket under the valve to catch water. Use the valve’s lever to open it and see if water and water vapor escapes. If water leaks out, you may need water heater repair in Saline, MI. If no water leaks out, your unit is in good shape.

Check the Anode Rod

The role of the anode rod is to prevent corrosion inside your water heater. It needs to be replaced every five to six years. Turn off the power to your water heater and check the anode rod. Turn off the shutoff valve and attach a hose to the drain cock to release some water. If you see flakes of rust inside, it’s time to get a water heater replacement. Otherwise, your water heater is good.

Flush the Tank

Flushing your traditional water heater once a year is essential. It’s a huge part of regular maintenance of water heaters and can keep your unit in good working condition. Flushing eliminates all the mineral buildup that occurs over time when you have hard water. You can also upgrade to a tankless water heater to avoid issues that come with sediment buildup.

Clean the Filter

Part of your regular water heater services involves cleaning the sediment filter. The purpose of the filter is to prevent debris from getting inside the unit. You can remove the faceplate to locate the filter. Rinse it thoroughly, dry it off and then replace it.

Dynamic Drains can provide expert water heater installation if you need a new unit. Contact us today for enquiries.