Dispelling Myths About Hydro Jetting

plumber cleaning blocked sewer line with hydro jetting

At Dynamic Drains, we usually perform hydro jetting to clear severely clogged pipes. This form of drain cleaning in Milan, MI, involves blasting highly pressurized water into drain lines to break down and flush pipe obstructions out of the system. However, if you are skeptical about hydro jetting due to the misconceptions about it, read on as we shed the truth behind them:

It Uses Harsh Chemicals

False. Hydro jetting uses water and nothing else, meaning it won’t corrode your clogged drain. It is also beneficial for the environment since we reuse and safely dispose of the water, preventing contamination of nearby water sources.

It Is Suitable for DIY

Many people think hydro jetting can pass as a DIY project, but it’s far from the truth. Unless you have the proper skills and knowledge, don’t attempt to do it yourself. Improper water pressure levels can impair the pipes and even cause the hose to recoil if you’re not careful, putting you at risk of injuries. It’s best to hire drain cleaning services for your safety. Our team wears protective padding and gear and knows to properly handle hydro jets to prevent accidents.

It’s Messy and Disruptive

Another myth about hydro jetting is that it’s too messy and noisy, which may disrupt your daily routine. However, this is not the case. Like drain snaking, the procedure doesn’t require digging up your lawn; instead, we only need to use your cleanout to access your pipeline. We also set up protective shields to isolate the work area and prevent unnecessary mess on your property.

The experts at Dynamic Drains are more than happy to walk you through the hydro jetting process and ensure you make sound decisions. As your trusted drain cleaning company, we only want what’s best for your needs. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.