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High-Quality Drain Cleaning in Milan, MI

Whether it's a clogged drain that got you here or concerns about slow drains, a professional plumber from Dynamic Drains will be ready to help. Led by a master plumber, we're a locally owned and operated drain cleaning company in Milan, MI that uses proven effective techniques like drain snaking and hydro jetting. We provide reliable drain cleaning services throughout Milan, MI, and the surrounding areas.

The Importance of Drain Cleaning

Drains can be affected by everything from an accumulation of sediment and hash minerals to debris that could include grease or even small objects. This is just one reason why drain cleaning is so important. Professional drain cleaning is also a cost-effective way to increase the lifespan of your home or business drains, and a good way to get rid of drain-related odors. Additionally, regular drain cleaning reduces your risk of experiencing unexpected drain emergencies, like clogs or backups.

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

You may be hesitant to call a drain cleaning company if you are only noticing occasional drain issues. However, ignoring minor problems can lead to big headaches. This is why we encourage you to pay attention to signs that suggest you need drain cleaning in Milan, MI. The main ones include:

  • Increasingly slow drains
  • Frequent clogs
  • Gurgling sounds
  • Multiple clogged or slow drains
  • Water backing up into sinks or tubs
  • Overflowing toilets
  • Using too many drain cleaning products

Drain Cleaning Services from Dynamic Drains

The first step we take with drain cleaning is to perform a camera inspection. We also do this for sewer drains that are backed up or clogged. Our trained technicians use advanced video equipment to look inside drain pipes. This allows us to check for sources of blockages and related issues that might include cracks or signs of deterioration or corrosion.

  • Cable Cleaning - Sometimes referred to as drain snaking, cable cleaning is done with a rotating, flexible cable that's placed into the drain that needs to be cleaned. A thin, durable wire with tools at the end of it is inserted to remove blockages and restore optimal water flow. The tools can even be used to retrieve small items from drains.
  • Hydro Jetting - This is a technique usually reserved for more severe drain clogs or for commercial drains. Hydro jetting is an effective drain cleaning method that involves the use of extreme water pressure to clear away debris and force it into the sewer system.

Why Choose Dynamic Drains

We're a locally owned, licensed, and insured drain cleaning company in Milan, MI that provides a broad range of drain-related services. We use Flex Shaft style cleaners and equipment from trusted manufacturers like PrimeLine and Fasteners. If digging is necessary to fix drain problems, we use a piercing tool to minimize dig operations. Dynamic Drains has been proudly serving customers in the Milan, MI, area for more than 101 years. We also offer:

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