Why You Should Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaner on sink

Most homeowners put off dealing with a clogged drain, as it doesn’t really pose a threat to their plumbing system or home. However, it’s important to resolve clogs sooner rather than later to avoid more serious issues like leaks and sewer backups. Dynamic Drains offers quality drain cleaning solutions to efficiently and effectively deal with all kinds of clogs, and we advise homeowners against using chemical cleaners as they:

Can Lead to Pipe Damage

Chemical cleaners generate heat as they break down the debris and buildup in your pipes. With prolonged use, the heat can corrode metal pipes and soften PVC pipes. This can lead to cracks and holes in your pipes over time. Avoid costly and unnecessary pipe damage by scheduling professional drain cleaning services.

Can Damage Your Septic System

Septic systems usually rely on natural bacteria for waste breakdown. Chemical cleaners kill these bacteria and disrupt the waste breakdown process, reducing the septic system’s effectiveness. This could result in repairing or replacing the septic system, which can be expensive. With professional drain cleaning in Milan, MI, you can be assured that your septic and sewer systems won’t be compromised.

Are Often Ineffective

While chemical cleaners sound like a perfect short-term fix for many clogs, they don’t work for all clogs. This means we would still need to do drain snaking or hydro jetting to get rid of clogs deeper in your sewer line.

Can Be Dangerous

The chemicals in drain cleaners are harsh and dangerous. They could burn your skin or clothes and cause other issues when inhaled. The chemicals are also harmful to the environment because they might end up in the water supply or a landfill after disposing of the containers.

Instead of going through the hassle of buying the chemical cleaners and possibly incurring more costs repairing and replacing the plumbing system, we recommend reaching out to a professional drain cleaning company like Dynamic Drains instead. We can provide you with safe, effective, and quality drain cleaning services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.