Why Proper Water Heater Placement Matters

Plumber installing water heater in bathroom

It is never ideal to just set up your water heater installation where it fits. It’s crucial to find the perfect spot to ensure it works safely and efficiently. Otherwise, it may fail early and pose hazards to your property. Keep reading as Dynamic Drains explains the importance of proper water heater placement in your home.

Legal Requirements

In most cases, local codes require you to install your unit in a certain way to prevent unwanted damage in case of leaks and other issues. For instance, your traditional or tankless water heater must sit against an external wall to have enough space for the flue. Some areas may oblige you to install the unit at least 18 inches off the ground.


Water loses heat as it passes through the pipes, affecting your energy costs. Also, you might not realize it, but you waste water every time you open the faucet and wait for it to warm up to your preferred temperature. Setting up your water heater in the right location can help you reduce water wastage and heat loss. We recommend placing it close to frequently used taps and fixtures in your home, where it’s also easier to perform water heater repair in Ypsilanti, MI.


Several years ago, manufacturers followed a standard size for water heaters. Because of this, many home builders have designed a space for your water heater replacement. However, the size of an average water heater has greatly changed to add more insulation to comply with the Department of Energy’s call for more energy-efficient units.

You can rely on Dynamic Drains to determine the best placement for your unit. As your trusted source of top-quality water heater services, we ensure it’ll function at its peak performance and comply with building codes. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.