When to Schedule a Sewer Camera Inspection

As the trusted plumber in Saline, MI, Dynamic Drains provides many beneficial and cost-effective services to our clients, including sewer camera inspections. A video or sewer camera inspection is a minimally invasive process done with a specially designed camera and flexible rod. Today, we’re going to point out some instances when you’ll want to schedule this type of inspection.

You Know Your Sewer Line Needs Repaired

Slow drains, frequent clogs and backups, and odd odors coming from drain pipes are among the more obvious signs that suggest you’ll likely benefit from sewer line repair in Saline, MI. If this is the case, it’s a good idea to schedule a sewer camera inspection to find out what’s going on within your sewer lines. The resulting visual information can play a role in determining what type of repair is most appropriate.

You’re Seeing Subtle Signs of Sewer Problems

Not all sewer-related issues produce obvious signs, such as uneven water levels in household bathrooms or unusually lush spots in certain parts of your yard. To find out for sure if you need sewer pipe line repair in Saline, MI when signs of a potential problem aren’t obvious, schedule a sewer camera inspection. We’ll let you know if repair is needed or if you’ll simply benefit from a good sewer line cleaning.

You Want to Be Proactive About Sewer Line Maintenance

Ideally, most homeowners want to avoid sewer line replacement in Saline, MI if repairs are still possible. One way to do this is to be proactive about maintaining your sewer lines, and you can do this by scheduling routine sewer camera inspections. Doing so allows minor issues to be detected and corrected before they become plumbing emergencies.

Schedule a Sewer Camera Inspection Today

Get the answers you deserve by reaching out to Dynamic Drains. We’ll perform a thorough camera inspection to determine if it’s time to replace sewer line in Saline, MI, make repairs, or do a professional cleaning.

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