When is Sewer Replacement Necessary?

Even with the influx of DIY videos online, most homeowners are still hesitant to repair plumbing issues. And when it comes sewer line repair in Ann Arbor MI, they have a reason to wary.

While many home plumbing woes are quick fixes, there are times when you need a professional. Aside from the obvious, making sewage backing up into your home, sewer line malfunction can cause other problems as well. However, even the handiest of homeowners might not know which signs to look for.

Here are three ways signs you need sewer repair services in Ann Arbor, MI, courtesy of Dynamic Drains.

Unpleasant Odors – You can miss the odor of a broken sewer line. But even if your sewer line is not broken, only needing repair, it can still emit unpleasant odors that linger in and outside of your home.

Extremely foul odors that do not resolve need to be investigated further. Your best bet is to call Dynamic Drains to replace sewer line in Ann Arbor, MI.

Low Water in the Bowl – If you notice less water in the bowl after your flush, your sewer line may be to blame. Clogs and even tree roots that have wrapped around the sewer line can cause low water in the toilet bowl. Take note of how often this happens and reach out to a professional if you think there is sewer line damage.

Noisy Drains – Another red flag of sewer line malfunction are noisy pipes. Gurgling noises combined with slow draining could signify more than a clogged drain. Clear plumbing and sewer lines are silent, and the water drains quickly.

You should not hear gurgling when the water goes down the drain or when you flush the toilet. Gurgling noises are a sign of sewer line malfunction. So, if you notice a lot of gurgling or other odd noises that become more frequent than not, you may need sewer pipe line repair in Ann Arbor, MI.

Identifying the need for sewer line repair isn’t always easy. Since sewer line malfunction often mimics other types of plumbing problems, it’s important to pinpoint the problem quickly. If you think you’re having sewer line problems, time is of the essence. We specialize in sewer line replacement in Ann Arbor MI and are here when you need it the most. Call Dynamic Drains today or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.