When Is Pipe Bursting the Best Option?

Are your sewer pipes already on their last legs? When simple repairs will no longer suffice, you might need to replace your sewer line altogether. It’s easy to shy away from a full replacement, thinking it’s too expensive and disruptive. Fortunately, at Dynamic Drains, we have the perfect solution.

Pipe bursting is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional sewer line replacement. Here’s a quick overview of the procedure and when it is an ideal option for your needs:

What Exactly is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is a reliable technique for replacing PVC, clay, cast iron, and other pipes. It’s comparable to lateral lining sewer repair in Ann Arbor, MI. We insert an expander head into the old pipe after cleaning up the entry point and receiving pit. It shatters the existing damaged pipe into several small pieces as it passes through the sewer line. Then, we simultaneously lay the new pipe connected to the head’s rear, leaving only flawless, clean-running lines in its wake.

Back then, sewer pipe line repair and replacement would take many days and cost a lot of money. However, with trenchless pipe bursting, we can finish the job in a matter of hours with minimal digging. It’s also a safe choice since it allows you to restore your sewer line without exposing yourself to dangerous pollutants.

What Circumstances Should Pipe Bursting Be Considered?

The good news is that pipe bursting is a viable option even if you have old pipes. Besides that, here are a few scenarios when sewer repair services via pipe bursting might be the best choice:

When You Want a Permanent Fix

Pipe bursting is a long-lasting solution that may last over 50 years. Thus, you won’t need to worry about frequent repairs because of its durability, saving you time and money.

If You Want to Prioritize Efficiency

A damaged sewer line can put your home to a halt. Not to mention, traditional methods can be time-consuming. If you need to replace sewer line as soon as possible, it’s best to opt for pipe bursting.

When There is Landscaping

Pipe bursting is for you if you are concerned about your yard’s appearance. Anything in the path, such as landscaping and paved walkways, will be ruined by traditional sewer line repair. However, with trenchless technology, you may avoid digging up your landscaping and incurring additional expenditures due to post-work restoration.

Put an end to all your sewer line woes with pipe bursting. At Dynamic Drains, we have what it takes to do the job right the first time. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.