When Are Excavation Services the Ideal Option?

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One of the common reasons to turn to a plumber in Ann Arbor, MI from Dynamic Drains is because of sewer-related issues. If you are experiencing issues of this nature, you may have heard about trenchless, or “no-dig,” options. While trenchless solutions certainly can be effective and convenient, there are times when excavation services are the ideal option.

Budget Is a Concern

Trenchless plumbing services in Ann Arbor, MI are sometimes more of an investment than traditional excavation. If you have concerns about your budget, excavation services are worth considering. Such services are often more affordable than certain techniques.

Damage Is Extensive and Utility Lines are Too Close

With trenchless plumbing repairs in Ann Arbor, MI, the affected pipe needs to be in good enough condition to have a pipe liner inserted. It can also be difficult or impossible to use trenchless methods for pipes that are severely damaged. These concerns aren’t an issue with excavation, which may also be the ideal option if utility lines are too close to the damaged pipe.

You Prefer Damaged Pipes to Be Completely Removed

Pipe bursting is a trenchless method in which the original pipe remains in the ground. While the pipe is broken up and usually nothing to be concerned about, some homeowners aren’t comfortable with leaving bits and pieces of the old pipe in the ground. This is another situation when excavation services may the ideal option.

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