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What is Pipe Bursting?

sewer repair services in Saline, MI

Pipe bursting is a very specific type of sewer line repair in Saline, MI that can be completed via specialized plumbers such as those at Dynamic Drains. The process involves intentionally breaking pipes that have been severely damaged utilizing trenchless services. It is much safer and easier to complete than traditional methods as well.

Understanding the Method

This type of sewer pipe line repair in Saline, MI is completed utilizing a conical bursting head. This piece is attached to a replacement line where it goes to the existing line to break it. The replacement line is then fed to where it belongs after the original line has been broken.

Our trenchless sewer repair services in Saline, MI only take a few hours at most. This is much less time than the traditional days and days that other types of replacement may take. It is also much less expensive and much safer as there is no use of harmful chemicals.

After this type of sewer line replacement in Saline, MI is completed, you will have much better water flow in your pipes. The pipe that is used in the replacement may be much wider than the original pipe was. There is ample space without needing to excavate for a larger pipe.

The pipes that are put in when you replace sewer line in Saline, MI with pipe bursting have a lifetime warranty. They are also much more durable and can last up to 50 years at least. It is very rare for there to be significant damage to these new pipes.

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If you are in need of pipe bursting services at your home, contact a plumber in Saline, MI from Dynamic Drains. The expertise of our team will be able to assure you of the advice and answers you need. Contact us today for an estimate.