Ways to Protect Your Sewer Lines from Tree Roots

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You may not immediately think to call a plumber in Milan, MI from Dynamic Drains about something related to your trees. But it’s what’s underneath your trees that can cause issues with your pipes – especially your sewer lines. Below, we offer some advice on how to protect your sewer lines from moisture-seeking tree roots.

Protect Your Pipes

There are a few different ways to create a barrier around your underground pipes to reduce the risk of needing sewer repair services in Milan, MI because of tree root intrusions. One option is to bury wood or metal barriers about 6-feet deep near your sewer lines. Another possibility is to use slow-release chemical solutions specifically designed for this purpose.

Opt for a More Sewer-Friendly Landscape

If you’ll be making some adjustments to your landscape in the near future, give yourself some added protection against needing urgent sewer pipe line repair by being mindful of tree placement. Get started by knowing for sure where your sewer lines are located. Your local municipality should have this information if you don’t already know.

Plant any new trees a safe distance away from sewer pipes, and consider fruit, shade, or curbside trees with smaller or non-invasive root systems. Doing so will help prevent the need for frequent sewer line repair.

Schedule Yearly Inspections

Complete sewer line replacement due to tree root issues may be avoided if your sewer pipes are regularly inspected. We recommend having this done annually if you have mature trees on your property that can’t be practically relocated or removed. If tree roots are discovered in your pipes, steps can be taken to nip the problem in the bud.

Put Our Drain Pros to Work for You Today

If you’re diligent about protecting your underground pipes, you may not have to replace sewer line pipes due to extensive tree root damage. Dynamic Drains can help you out as well with routine inspections and cleanings. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.