Top Ways to Prevent Sewer Backups

Top Ways to Prevent Sewer Backups

While water is an essential part of your home, it should never have a place all over your basement floor. Sewer backups and water damage are some of the serious plumbing issues that may cost you a lot of money. With an experienced plumber in Ypsilanti, MI from Dynamic Drains at your side, you can be confident in avoiding sewer backups. Here are a few ways you can prevent this plumbing emergency.

1. Schedule Professional Repair Services Right Away

Enlist sewer repair services in Ypsilanti, MI as soon as you spot an issue with your sewer system. Being attentive will allow you to recognize issues as soon as they make themselves known. The sooner you get an expert to fix any sewer issues, the less likely you are to experience sewer backups.

2. Dispose of Waste Properly

You’ll eventually need sewer line repair if you experience recurring clogs in your sewer system. Most clogs appear because of improperly disposed waste. Cooking oil, grease, and other fats should never be poured down the drain or garbage disposal because they tend to solidify and create clogs in the sewer line.

3. Seek Out Alternative Piping Options

Tree roots are another common cause of recurring clogs in sewer lines. If you have trees or other plants near the sewer pipes, they can pierce the pipes underground and create a need for you to replace sewer line. Consider talking to a professional about installing plastic pipes instead, as these have a lower chance of being broken into by tree roots.

4. Pay Attention to the Signs

If you notice that you have smelly drains, flushing issues with your toilet, recurring clogs, or water backups, consider getting professional sewer pipe line repair right away. It’s best to get help as soon as possible to prevent flooding.

Dynamic Drains can offer more tips on avoiding a sewer backup and help you take preventative measures to protect your home. Get in touch with us today to benefit from our first-rate sewer line replacement, repair, and inspection services.