Sewer Backups Are Dangerous—Here’s Why

backed-up bathtub Ann Arbor, MI

Sewer backups are one of the most unpleasant and costly problems a homeowner can face. They occur when the sewer line gets blocked, causing sewage to back up into your property. This not only causes a nasty mess, but it can also lead to serious health hazards and expensive repairs. Dynamic Drains discusses the risks of backups and how prompt sewer repair in Ann Arbor, MI, can help.

Health Hazards

The most serious risk of sewer backups is exposure to raw sewage’s harmful pathogens and bacteria. These microorganisms can cause severe health problems, such as gastrointestinal illnesses, skin infections, and respiratory issues. Once sewage overflows into your home, close the water supply immediately, evacuate the affected area, and call for emergency sewer repair services.

Property Damage

Sewer backups can cause significant damage to your floors, walls, and foundation. The cleanup process can be expensive and time-consuming, and in some cases, the damage may be irreparable. Prompt sewer line replacement can lower the risks of backups occurring in the future.

Fire Hazards

Sewer backups can pose fire hazards if electrical outlets, appliances, or other devices get submerged in water. The water can cause a short circuit and start a fire, putting people’s lives and property at risk. That is why time is of the essence when dealing with this problem. If the backup persists, switch off the electricity in the affected room and stay away until the sewer pipe line repair experts arrive.

Preventive maintenance is key to minimizing the risks of backups and having to replace sewer line too soon. Have your sewer line inspected and cleaned by a professional regularly to prevent clogs and keep the pipes flowing smoothly. You should also avoid flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper down the toilet.

Dynamic Drains can help you take care of your sewer line and prevent plumbing emergencies from wreaking havoc on your property. We offer a wide range of services, including sewer line repair, maintenance, and replacement. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.