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Water Line Services

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Water Line Services

Clean, running water coming from your Ann Arbor home or business faucet typically isn’t something you give a second thought. However, when your water service is interrupted by off-colored water or a dip in water pressure, you need a professional company that offers water line services in Ann Arbor. The Dynamic Drains team is dedicated to ensuring each customer we reach has clean, free-flowing water.

If you notice a change in your water taste, color, or pressure, it’s time to call the your local pipe professionals at Dynamic Drains. Our team services Ann Arbor, Canton, Chelsea, Howell, and Dundee. We can diagnose water line problems in your home. Our advanced equipment allows us to evaluate the inner lining of your pipes and make repairs to your water line, even when the problems are buried.

Local Water Line Repair Experts in Ann Arbor

To better understand the issue within your Ann Arbor water line, our team of professionally-trained technicians will perform a sewer camera inspection. The waterproof camera offers a high-resolution picture at what’s happening inside the line. Whether it’s rust pieces breaking away into the water supply or invasive tree roots that are causing a drop in water pressure, our team will find the exact point where the problem is located and offer the best-fit solution to remedy the issue.

With our trenchless solutions, water line services in have never been more efficient. Our team strives to have each water line project complete within one day. With a minimally invasive technique, our team will access the problem, clean or repair the line, and return your home or business back to normal. While trenchless water line repair is often used to make timely repairs, we also provide full-trench excavation when needed. This process is typically used for small-scale projects and can be completed quickly.

The Dynamic Drains team is committed to providing water line services that:

  • Last for decades
  • Are environmentally-friendly in preserving the land
  • Restore water supply to you home within one day
  • Won’t destroy your lawn, driveway, or home flooring.

Our advanced plumbing technology allows us to use special water line services that clean your water line or replace the pipe when needed.

Drain Replacement Services for Your Pipes

When pipes are compromised by a line break or complete collapse, pipe bursting is used to replace the broken line. With two small access points, our team can use the broken pipe’s path to completely restore your water line. A bursting head is inserted into the old pipe, breaking it and pushing the pipe pieces into the surrounding soil. Simultaneously, a new pipe is laid in the old path. The solution produces less waste and takes much less time than tradition line replacement.

Best Water Line Services in Southeast Michigan

Dynamic Drains is committed to providing quality, long-lasting water line services for Ann Arbor, MI residents and business owners. We serve a various communities in Southeast Michigan including but not limited to Ann Arbor, Canton, Chelsea, Howell, and Dundee. Whether you have a small issue, or fear your entire plumbing system has failed, our team is available to help. Contact our friendly staff to schedule your water line inspection today.