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Pipe Bursting

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Pipe Bursting

The plumbing experts at Dynamic Drains offer pipe bursting in Ann Arbor, Howell, Dundee, Chelsea, and Canton as a trenchless pipe replacement method. Our highly-skilled technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to complete trenchless pipe repair services for home and business owners in Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities. The pipe bursting methods used by the Dynamic Drains team preserves your home or business and the landscape around it. Without excavation, pipe bursting saves you time and money. You can expect our professional technicians to arrive at your home on time, complete a thorough inspection of your plumbing system, and fully explain any repairs that need to be made.

Choose a Safe Method of Pipe Replacement

Even the most durable piping equipment begins to degrade and deteriorate with age. After decades of delivering water to your home and removing wastewater, the sewer line can develop cracks. Those small cracks can lead to weakening or a collapsed pipe. Traditional pipe repair means digging through your yard, destroying expensive landscaping and possibly disrupting your driveway. Not only would you face the cost of pipe repair, but you would also be left with a hefty bill to repair the trenching. The Dynamic Drains team uses an advanced technology that eliminates the need for excavating your Ann Arbor, Howell, Dundee, Chelsea, and Canton

property. Our skilled technicians utilize trenchless pipe bursting and can replace underground pipes in a timely manner without days of digging.

The Pipe Bursting Process

With the use of specialized equipment, our professional plumbers can access the damaged pipe with two small access holes. During the Ann Arbor pipe bursting process, the equipment travels through the path of the old pipe, shattering it along the way and pushing pieces of the pipe into the surrounding soil. While breaking apart the old pipe, the burst head is simultaneously leading the way and laying the new pipe. The entire pipe replacement process is complete by using only the two small access holes and not digging through your property. The newly laid pipe will last for decades.

Benefits of Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting repair can be completed very quickly, which means minimal downtime to your plumbing system. In addition, the repair process works for a number of pipe materials, so even if you’re dealing with an older plumbing system, pipe bursting in Ann Arbor is a viable option.

The primary benefit of choosing pipe bursting over another repair option is there’s no loss of internal diameter for your pipes. Flow of water and waste won’t be restricted by smaller pipes. For this reason, pipe bursting is considered one of the most effective plumbing repair options for pipes in Ann Arbor. Secondly, the condition of the old pipe has virtually no effect on the pipe bursting process as it will be destroyed during the repair.

Work with the Best Pipe Replacement Experts in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Modern technology utilized by the Dynamic Drains team produces a product that’s much better than plumbing from years past. Avoid the trenching and mess left behind with traditional pipe replacement. The material used for pipe bursting will restore your plumbing to optimum performance and extend the life of your complete system. This simple yet effective pipe replacing method has become the go-to solution for home and business owners in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Connect with the Dynamic Drains team today to discover howr pipe bursting can fix your Ann Arbor, Howell, Dundee, Chelsea, and Canton, Michigan plumbing problems.