Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting in Ann Arbor, MI, and Surrounding Areas

Stubborn recurring drain blockages in your Ann Arbor, Michigan home, or business may require a hydro jetting service. A larger plumbing problem may be at play if you find yourself constantly reaching for the plunger or loading your drains with chemical-laden drain cleaners. If DIY methods of clearing your drains don’t work, the Dynamic Drains team has an environmentally-friendly pipe cleaning solution you should consider. In addition to Ann Arbor, we service the following communities in Michigan:

What is Hydro Jetting?

Dynamic Drains’ professionals can effectively use hydro jetting to remove mineral buildup, clogs, and waste from the piping. By utilizing an existing opening in your pipe, our skilled technicians can use the hydro jetting tool and have your pipes clean as soon as possible. With zero excavation to your property, the 360-degree nozzle can enter your piping system and clean years of buildup, debris, and invasive tree roots.

Hydro jetting is an environmentally-friendly pipe-cleaning method used by Dynamic Drains in Ann Arbor. The treatment uses extreme water pressure forcing several jets through the pipes at nearly 4000 PSI. Debris is quickly washed away by the high-velocity jets and flushed from the pipes. Every inch of piping is reached by the rotating head and its multiple water streams. The drain cleaning method is powerful enough to clean the elbows and joints of pipes.

Signs Your Ann Arbor Pipes Need Cleaning

Hydro jetting is a safe, efficient way to clean the pipes on your property. The treatment is eco-friendly, which means it’s safe to schedule hydro jetting every year as an annual plumbing maintenance task.

The experienced technicians at Dynamic Drains can come to your home regularly to complete the pipe cleaning and ensure your system isn’t clogged or being invaded by tree roots. Hydro jetting is a good option for your home if you experience:

  • Toilet gurgles when sink is used
  • Slow-draining tub or sink
  • Sewage odor produces from drains
  • Invasive tree roots

The Dynamic Drains team will use a sewer camera inspection to show you the results of the hydro jetting process. Our plumbing company in Ann Arbor, MI utilizes state-of-the-art camera equipment and can determine exactly where your blockage is and if your pipes face threats from age, corrosion, or tree roots. The camera inspection enables our skilled technicians to determine which pipes have been compromised and offer a before and after visual of the pipe cleaning service.

Choose Professional Drain Cleaning for Your Pipes

The technicians with Dynamic Drains can use this advanced Ann Arbor pipe cleaning method to repair minor or major plumbing issues. Whether it is for routine plumbing maintenance, hydro jetting is the ideal solution.

  • Preventative: Hydro jetting should be included in your routine plumbing maintenance each year. The pipe and drain cleaning services help prevent your pipes from becoming clogged. The powerful water stream rids your system of clogged drains, blockages, and debris buildup along the pipe walls.

Let Us Clean Your Sewer and Drain Pipes Today

Ensure that your pipes are flowing freely with the thorough cleaning power of hydro jetting in Ann Arbor, MI. Schedule your appointment today to allow the Dynamic Drains team to tackle your constant clogs or unexpected plumbing issue with hydro jetting services. We also offer a wide range of top-notch plumbing services including:







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