Safety First: Important Things to Do During a Plumbing Emergency

burst pipe repair Ypsilanti, MI

Plumbing emergencies can be incredibly stressful. However, it’s crucial to act quickly and rationally in such situations. Otherwise, you might cause further damage to your home and put everyone in harm’s way.

While you will never know when a plumbing disaster will happen, it pays to have a plan. Dynamic Drains, your top plumbing company, lists the essential things to do:

1. Close the Main Water Supply Valve

The first thing you should do in any plumbing emergency is to turn off the water supply. Stopping the water flow will prevent further damage and give you time to assess the situation before calling for plumbing services. You can usually find the main water supply valve inside your home or the streetside.

2. Partner With a Qualified Plumber

Never trust the first person who knocks on your door. Chances are, they are an unscrupulous individual looking to take you for a ride. Instead, look for a trusted plumber in Ypsilanti, MI, who is licensed, insured, and experienced in handling emergencies. Explain the situation in detail so they can come prepared with the right tools and equipment.

3. Try Temporary Fixes

While waiting for your local plumber, you can try temporary fixes to mitigate the damage. For instance, you can use a bucket to collect water or towels to soak it up from a leaky pipe. If you have a clogged drain, use a plunger to clear the blockage. However, don’t resort to plumbing repairs that require professional expertise, especially if you lack the technical know-how.

4. Document the Damage

If the plumbing emergency has caused damage to your home, it’s essential to document it. Take photos of the affected areas and record any expenses related to repairs or replacements. This will be helpful when filing an insurance claim.

Dynamic Drains is always on standby for emergency plumbing response. Once you experience burst pipes, overflowing toilets, and other severe issues, don’t think twice and turn to our team as soon as possible. Contact us to schedule an appointment.