How We Address Low Water Pressure

hand under faucet low water pressure

When you have low water pressure, it can be a real pain to get the dishes clean or take a shower. You should not let this problem go unresolved, as it could lead to bigger plumbing problems. Luckily for you, Dynamic Drains is a trusted plumber in Ann Arbor, MI, that’s more than ready to handle any of your plumbing needs. Here is how we can help in resolving your low water pressure problem:

Repairing Leaks

Sometimes the problem with low water pressure is a simple fix. A leaking pipe, faucet, or toilet can waste a lot of water and lead to your tank filling up slowly. With active leaks, your pipes will start running much slower than usual, causing less hot water to flow into your showerhead. While leaks can seem like a minor issue, it’s important to deal with them right away before they turn into emergency plumbing issues.

Cleaning Mineral Deposit Buildup

If you are experiencing low water pressure during hot showers, you likely have mineral buildup in your water heater. This is due to high levels of calcium and magnesium in your water. If you have hard water at home, we recommend enlisting regular plumbing services to prevent buildup in your pipes and plumbing fixtures. You should also consider investing in a water softener system to get rid of the excess minerals in your water.

Installing a Water Pressure Booster Pump

If you want a long-lasting solution to your low water pressure problem, installing a booster pump is an excellent option. These pumps can be installed near the toilet to automatically kick on when it senses that there isn’t enough pressure from the tank. Be sure to consult a reputable plumbing company before installing a pump in your home.

Whether you need quality plumbing repairs or routine maintenance, look no further than Dynamic Drains. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.