How to Deal with Sewer Backups

Sewer backup

A sewage backup happens when wastewater flow reverses via the sewer system resulting in unclean, smelly water leaking out of your drains, sinks, and toilets. Without urgent attention to the leak, you risk exposing your home to viruses and bacteria. At Dynamic Drains, we specialize in sewer repair in Milan, MI, and can provide you with prompt solutions. Read on as we explain what you should do in case of a backup:

Call a plumbing company

The first thing you should do during a sewer backup is to contact your local plumbing company. Our technicians will perform a sewer inspection to determine where the problem area is and then proceed to perform sewer pipe line repair.

Limit the amount of water you use

While waiting for the plumbers to arrive, avoid using water in your house during a sewer backup. A clogged sewage line will bring whatever water you pour down the drain back to your basement.

Contact your insurance company

If you have a sewage backup, call your insurance carrier right away. Remember that primary homeowners’ insurance does not cover sewer backups unless you’ve acquired additional endorsements for sewer line repair and drainage.

Identify and remove any obstructions

Look for any obstructions in all your sinks, toilets, and wastewater lines as soon as you notice a sewage backup. Once our plumbers arrive to repair or replace sewer line, you can direct us to any obstructions you weren’t able to remove so we can deal with them safely.

Switch off the power or gas

Disconnect the power in any impacted regions immediately. If you can’t turn off the gas, contact your utility provider and explain the problem. They may either show you how or do it for you. However, if the sewage backup is interfering with your shut-off valves, you should wait for a professional in sewer repair services to handle the situation.

Make Dynamic Drains your first choice when in need of a reputable plumber. We provide quality sewer line replacement and repair at competitive rates. Schedule an appointment today with our team by calling us or filling out the online form.