Sewer Backup

A Sewer Backup in Ann Arbor, MI is a Priority

Dynamic Drains is the team to call if you need a plumber that can handle sewer backup in Ann Arbor, MI. A backed-up sewer pipe isn’t something to mess around with on your own as wastewater can be full of germs. Failure to address the cause of a sewer backup can also mean that it will happen again.

Thankfully, your trusted plumber in Ann Arbor, MI, is available to provide sewer backup solutions to safely and quickly resolve your sewer issues. Be sure to contact us today!

The Main Causes of Sewer Backup Issues

Among the main causes of sewer backups are:

  • Sewer pipe clogs
  • Collapsed sewer lines
  • Root growth & pipe intrusions
  • Sewer line damage

Before we repair sewer backups, we need to determine the cause and the extent of any damage. This may require a video pipe inspection to assess the condition of your pipe lining and see if damage has been done to the pipe coating. Based on our evaluation, you’ll be provided with all available options.

In some cases, we’re able to remedy a sewer backup using hydro jetting, but in others, sections of sewer pipe or the entire pipe may need to be replaced. Dynamic Drains is known in the local region for our trenchless sewer services, and if a minimally invasive option is viable, we prefer to use it over traditional excavation.

Why Sewer Backups Need to Be Addressed Promptly

If you notice a sewer backup at your home or business, you need to get help from a plumbing professional fast. Failure to address a sewer backup can lead to wastewater spilling back into your home or business and into the ground around your property.

Wastewater is often laden with harmful bacteria that can get people sick, and the resulting moisture from a sewer backup can lead to property damage. Thankfully, the professional pipe repair specialists at Dynamic Drains are standing by to provide prompt service.

Why Choose Our Team for Sewer Backup Repair

Dynamic Drains is the top provider of trenchless sewer repair services, and we can tackle sewer backup problems quickly. With over a century of combined experience in the plumbing industry on our side, our plumbing company knows what it takes to deal with clogged, collapsed, and broken sewer pipes. Our customers also love the fact that we provide trenchless services that leave behind no mess.

Get Help for a Sewer Backup Now – Contact Dynamic Drains Today

Whether you’re dealing with a sewer repair issue caused by age and corrosion in your sewer pipe or you have damage from excess pressure after a clog, Dynamic Drains is the plumbing company to call in Ann Arbor, MI. We specialize in quickly resolving sewer backups, and you can contact us today to schedule your appointment.







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