Safety First: Important Things to Do During a Plumbing Emergency

burst pipe repair Ypsilanti, MI

Plumbing emergencies can be incredibly stressful. However, it’s crucial to act quickly and rationally in such situations. Otherwise, you might cause further damage to your home and put everyone in harm’s way. While you will never know when a plumbing disaster will happen, it pays to have a plan. Dynamic Drains, your top plumbing company,…

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Can High Water Pressure Harm Your Plumbing?

faucet blasting highly pressurized water Milan, MI

Water pressure is a critical aspect of a functional plumbing system. While many homeowners prefer setting it high for more efficient cleaning and relaxing showers, doing so can actually do more harm than good, especially on your pipes and fixtures. As a rule of thumb, the safe levels for water pressure range between 40 to…

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Common Plumbing Issues in Commercial Properties

clogged toilet in a commercial bathroom

Plumbing problems in commercial properties happen far more often than in homes because pipes, fixtures, and appliances are heavily used. That means they undergo more wear and tear and need maintenance more frequently. Read on as Dynamic Drains takes a look at the common issues that require commercial plumbing services: Clogged Garbage Disposals A garbage…

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Tips on Making Your Plumbing Environmentally Friendly

plumber fixing a leaky pipe

As a responsible homeowner, you may be constantly looking for ways to make your property sustainable and eco-friendly. Luckily, there are easy and inexpensive means to do so, and a great place to start is your plumbing system. Read on as your Dynamic Drains, your premier plumber in Milan, MI, shares helpful tips on achieving…

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Low-Flow Fixtures Are the Way to Go—Here’s Why

low-flow fixtures in a bathroom

Many homeowners constantly look for ways to go green, from maximizing natural lighting to investing in quality insulation. If you’re one of those homeowners, you’re in the right place. At Dynamic Drains, we recommend switching to low-flow plumbing fixtures as a way to make your property more eco-friendly. Your trusted plumber in Saline, MI, lists…

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How to Avoid Common Plumbing Issues

plumber fixing a drain

Plumbing issues can be frustrating to deal with, especially when they affect your daily routine. The good news is that you can avoid most problems by taking proactive measures. Read on as Dynamic Drains, your premier plumber in Ann Arbor, MI, shares these handy tips: Fix Minor Problems Immediately Avoiding costly damage starts with fixing…

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How We Address Low Water Pressure

hand under faucet low water pressure

When you have low water pressure, it can be a real pain to get the dishes clean or take a shower. You should not let this problem go unresolved, as it could lead to bigger plumbing problems. Luckily for you, Dynamic Drains is a trusted plumber in Ann Arbor, MI, that’s more than ready to…

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Tips to Ensure an Efficient Plumbing System

plumber repairing pipes with wrench

Like most people, you probably don’t think about your plumbing system until there’s a problem. And by then, it’s often too late. An emergency plumbing problem can be a costly and stressful experience. Dynamic Drains shares our handy tips to help maintain your plumbing system: 1. Schedule Prompt Repairs If you have a plumbing system…

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Debunking Common Plumbing Misconceptions

Flushing wipes

If fixing plumbing issues using DIY methods was so easy, we wouldn’t need our plumbers to be professionally trained to qualify for the job. There are many myths surrounding plumbing services and systems that can actually be damaging your plumbing. Dynamic Drains, the local experts in plumbing, sheds some light on these misconceptions to help…

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Plumbing Tips When Building a New Home

kitchen or bathroom under construction

Building your new home from scratch can be a fulfilling yet stressful experience. After all, you need to consider a lot of technical details, including the plumbing. You would want to ensure your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of your home are safe and functional. As your trusted plumber in Milan, MI, Dynamic Drains understands…

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